Sometimes computers and networks need a therapist

Network Therapists specializes in meeting the computing needs of your small or medium sized business. Computers, software, and networks don’t always behave properly and we have the expertise and skill to get your technology investment on track.
Not every business can afford or even needs a full-time Information Technology (IT) staff. Many businesses just require someone on an occasional basis for specific solutions.
Network Therapists provides consulting on an individual solution or project basis, or can provide ongoing maintenance and administration of your technology. By saving you time and money, Network Therapists can reduce your overall business costs. If your business currently staffs IT workers, we will work with them to provide solutions and savings in-house staff sometimes cannot accomplish.
Network Therapists is a Microsoft® Small Business Specialist.  We specialize in delivering solutions for small business.  Read more about this designation at  We are only the second business in Kentucky outside of Louisville to receive this important designation.  Being a small business ourselves, we can relate and  understand your business needs unlike the big consulting companies.

Our Services

Local Area Networking and Wide Area Networking
Broadband and Internet/Intranet connection assistance and administration
Planning, strategizing, and deployment of computing hardware and software
Upgrading existing computer systems or networks
Troubleshooting of networks, servers, workstations, hardware or software
Implementing security policies, including the HIPAA Security Rule
Provide standards compliance and auditing
Complete understanding and explanation of new technologies and real world applications

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